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The latest and Greatest Muzzleloader black powder equivalent BLACKHORN209

Let me finish this at last falls date, muleys in Utah. With this poeder and a special scope now that they are legal in Utah, a 363 yard mule deer shot in the sholder.

Ideal conditions, no wind to speak of, standing almost broad side, I had a good rest on a rock with my coat between the Savage 110MII and the scope that added the majic at a price of around $ 700. 130 grains of Blackhorn209, a platmu, powerbelt(Sabots are not legal in Utah) 270 grain, with a Burris Elinanator s4x12 scope. (Please note tqat is some older muzzleloaders ignition of blackorn 209 powder can be hindered because of the older standard breech plug flash holes.

Most are # 53 machinest drill size where the older ones were #45. Blackhorn209 burns at a extremely consistent rate, much more consistent then black powder or the other equivalents. The powder is extruded like today's modern smokeless powders. It looks like little pipes rather than flakes it small rocks as older powders were.You may need to update your breech plug o et the ignitions consistent but it is well worth it and the larger one will even burn black powders very well. The other item of interest is the 209 primer needs to be a CCI 209M. The truth is not all primers are created equal. Some have a lot more flash than others. After following a testing of many muzzleloader 209 primers I was surprised how minimal the ignition flame was n some that are labeled "Muzzleloader primers" yet they were very weak. Fine for black powder I guess they haven't moved to the new generation and they are making good money selling black powder primers, we are wanting to get all of the distance and accuracy out of this muzzleloader, and for long range the scope will do it, the gun will do it, the primer will do it, and you will do it and be pleased with the outcome.

One web page to watch for Muzzleloader information is

I am not connected to him but use him as a reference for all of my testing.

Greg Merriam

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I have a Kentucky long rifle. Does any one know where I can get a brass patch box to put on it?

Try 'Track of the Wolf', managed to get parts for my TCA Hawken
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