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CVA NW Breech Plug

HI I Just Purchased The CVA NW QRBP That converts your CVA .209 breech plug over to Shoot a #11 musket caps to make it Northwest legal  to hunt with well I have 2 problems to complain about  first is the musket capper I have cant slide a cap on the breech nipple because its to enclosed to use the capper that carries caps so I have to take time fumbling  around to remove 1 from the capper and more time to pinch it between my thumb and forefinger and slide on the breech plug nipple to shoot it then after I shoot its another fumbling few minutes to remove the fired swelled up musket cap off to reload again which cant happen this way wen hunting so do you sell a compatible  musket capper and a fired cap removal tool I'm using RWS 1081 musket Caps. BLESS You for your HELP MARTY


Northwest CVA® QRBP™ Breech Plug - Musket Ignition

as I understand it, the 209 primer is now legal in washington. So now my question is will they make a 209 breech plug drilled with the holes to make it legal in washington.

What parts are needed to convert a CVA Accura V2 that has a musket cap ignition to a 209 ignition. I shoot pellets. Apparently need a breech plug and some internal hammer access.
Steve you will need a 209 breech plug and a 209 firing pin kit and I'll attach a picture of the powder and primers I use I hope this is clear enough take care
(2.97 MB)
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