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Barrel treatment.

Back in 1979, when I assembled my CVA 45 cal rifle, I used plum-brown metal oxidation rather than modern blue-ing as it was true to 1800 period metal work. I used up the rest of the bottle of solution to finish the 1.75” golf ball mortar our tool and die students made for me. As we moved to Tucson then, I haven’t had any issues with rusting since. However, I haven’t been able to find any more plum-brown treatment; is it available anymore? Before the 20th century, so much was done using animal and human feces and urine, male and female specific, that I could probably do some experiments but, due to the smell alone, I would prefer to find a modern product for the effect; if you get my “drift.”  I was in the Fifth Cavalry Regiment in combat, many decades ago, and wince whenever I read or hear references to “the Calvary” preferring a type of pistol or revolver in battle. The Lord probably abhors all lethal weapons, then and now; their prevalence is our concern,not his. Just me, an old vet picking nits, and I apologize. 類. Maj’r Krunch
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