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Fedex used my Hawken Woodsman 50 caliber as a basketball

Imagine my disappointment when after anticipating owning a flintlock all my life and it arrives shortly after ordering it... Fedex turned the shipping and interior Traditions box into an accordion. Someone must have thrown it off a truck or "dropped" it as they ALWAYS DO with these shipping corporations. As luck, [luck as in blind shithouse luck] they dropped it on the barrel end and not the stock but who knows what impact that had when the muzzle was pounded back into the lock mechanism and stock. It seems to operate ok, and no visible damage but there is such a tiny amount of flimsy foam packaging who knows? Do I want to send it back and wait for yet another knuckle-dragger to purposefully or stupidly crush the next weapon? The driver knew it was a gun but I didn't stop him before I opened the outside box which showed damage but not like the destroyed Traditions box inside. I mean WTF?

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