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returned Traditions, replaced with Lyman Trade Rifle

I wasn't too impressed with the quality of the Traditions Hawkens as well as fedex destroying the box and possibly destroying the weapon so back it went. Kudos to muzzle-loaders for finally agreeing to ship the Lyman asap when fedex took possession of the return and not making me wait another 2 weeks. However fedex wasn't finished with me. The Lyman made it clear across country from Oregon to Ohio in ONE DAY from Thursday to Friday but fedex wouldn't let me pick it up in Columbus, Ohio while I was there the same day. They tell me if you choose to hold it there you won't be allowed to pick it up until WEDNESDAY in Columbus when delivery was scheduled for Tuesday way down here near Athens, Ohio. Go figure. So I return home and wonder of wonders it arrives Monday... and as luck would have it thunderstorms with lightning for 3 days. I finally fired it just twice but I am well pleased with the Lyman. Quality far superior to the Traditions which reminded me of a piece of walmart furniture with off the shelf door handles stuck on it.  The Lyman Trade Rifle flintlock is a beast.

See the unboxing and firing on the youtubez.

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